1. CAD Training and ICT Training;
  2. CCTV/IP Cameras System (Supply, Installation and maintenance);
  • Deployment of Video Analytics Using CCTV Cameras/IP Cameras and analystics software;
  1. Streamline installation and configuration with installation notes as well as automated camera and VMS configuration
  2. Design and specify projects efficiently and precisely;
  3. System Integration and End-to-end systems solutions i.e IP Cameras, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm as integrated;
  • Control Room Design and Creation;
  • Electric Fencing Installation and Automatic Doors;
  1. Security Barriers installations;
  2. Access Control (Supply, Installation and maintenance);
  3. Industrial UPS APC/EATON Supply, Installation and maintenance;
  • Structural Cable Networking Deployment – LAN;
  • Fibre Cabling and Splicing;
  • General I.T Infrastructural and devices maintence and repairs like PCs, Printers, Scanners, Servers, Switches;
  1. Project Designs and layout designs and implementations;
  • Queue Centralized monitoring system (Supply, Installation and maintenance);
  • Various software and hardware deployment and support like Microsoft licenses, Autodesk licenses and all other software and and hardware that we represent;
  • Digital Signage;
  • Queue Management System;
  1. Video Wells (Supply, Installation and maintenance);
  • Feed Back Management System;
  • Software Development and Customise Software Package;
  • Website Development and Design;
  • Domain name Registration and Hosting Services;
  • Cloud Services;
  • Setup of Data Centre;
  • Disaster Recovery Site;
  • Fleet Management System (Supply, Installation and maintenance;
  • Automation of Library System – E-library, E-shelf etc.

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